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My guest today is real estate investor and marketing expert David Corbaley.   David has a really interesting background having spent 10 years in the Special Forces in the army. He started investing in real estate while he was in his second career as a professional firefighter.

David was one of the earliest adapters when it came to understanding the power of the internet and then using it to get deals and grow his real estate investing business. He was definitely a pioneer in the internet marketing field.  In this podcast, David shares his knowledge about “how and why” you should be leveraging the internet for motivated seller leads.

 Show Notes

This was a dynamite show with actionable steps you can take to improve your business now!

Here are some of the things we covered in this podcast.

  • David’s story
  • Ending the “feast or famine” cycle through consistent marketing
  • The advantages of being on the forefront of the internet marketing horizon
  • How focusing on creating a solution for a problem in his own business, solved a bigger need in the marketplace
  • David’s top marketing strategies to get deals
  • Why you must have an online presence
  • The importance of referrals; how that grows exponentially over time
  • Making your website to work for you; getting eyes on your site
  • Why there are both long term and short term solutions for getting your site ranked
  • The balance of inbound VS outbound marketing; why it shouldn’t be equal for best results
  • Which strategy gets a higher response from “hot leads” and therefore get more deals
  • Why everyone should use video should in their REI business
  • Why YouTube is so critical to your success and it’s free
  • The importance of having a marketing plan; the thing that makes everything happen
  • Dedicating time to do your marketing; working the plan
  • Getting the most bang for your buck with your marketing
  • Failure to “implement your plan”
  • Why having a realistic budget is so important to your success
  • The power of networking
  • Getting involved in your REIA
  • What to do first every day
  • David’s tips for keeping your pipeline full of leads
  • Final advice from David for folks just starting out
  • The mindset shift must have and tips for managing the ups and downs


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Part 1:

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Part 2: 

[podcast title=”How to Consistently Get Deals with David Corbaley”][/podcast]


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About David

motivated seller leadsI joined the military right out of high school. While in the military, I became a member of the elite army special forces also known as the Green Berets.  After spending 10 years in the service, I exited and joined the Seattle fire department.

I started my RE investing career in 2002 and bought my very first property on a lease option.  After learning multiple ways to do a deal, like most investors do, I found there was a serious issue. I kept going broke…

I’d do a deal, get paid then find myself with little money. Do another deal; get paid, etc. over and over.

I was doing everything the courses told me to do, direct mail, signs, ads and everything else. Same results; not enough leads to drive my business to the level I dreamed of.  I wanted a lifestyle that I knew I could have, if only I could find the right system.

I used paid services, rented websites and even went with national “brands” to try and get leads. Still didn’t get the job done.

Finally, I went back to my Commando roots and decided to approach it from an unconventional standpoint.

That’s when it happened. After 2 years of developing and testing, I launched my system and ended up doing 7 figures in my business that year. That was 2006.

It’s cool to have become a sought after marketing master. Companies seek me out to consult for their business and marketing strategies. I’ve has become known as “The Marketing Commando”, and for good reason. I’ve trained thousands of business owners and real estate people how to turn on the REAL power of marketing in their business.

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