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Do you ever feel invisible in your marketplace? Today I want to talk about how to grow your brand with content marketing.  Specifically, I want to talk about how to use content marketing on your motivated seller site that will make people choose YOU when they have a property to sell.

Content marketing is actually one of the best ways of all to grow your online presence organically. What I mean by organically is that is people just find you and your content when they search online for a particular topic.

I know what you’re thinking.  “I’m not writing any blog posts or articles”.

I completely understand your gut reaction, but content marketing can take many forms. It can certainly be written content, but it can also be video and audio.  Video is actually a great choice for real estate investors when it comes to content marketing.

Understanding Your “Why”

When you create an online presence, there is no doubt that you are building your brand, but it also helps put more cash in your pocket now.

Now I want you to read that line again. Content marketing will put more cash in your pocket.

When your potential customer AKA a motivated seller hears about you, the first thing they are going to do is check you out online.  When they see that you show up time after time in their search, they can’t help but assume you are the authority in your field.

So how do you make that happen? You do that with content creation and here are some examples.


What Kinds of Content are best for Content Marketing?

The top ways to create content would be written content like articles on a blog and video. Podcasting is also a great way to dive into content marketing.

The problem gets to be that most people simply do not have time to spend hours writing content.  This is true for most busy wholesalers, rehabbers and landlords.  (I have some resources for written content so do jump ship just yet.)


Let’s Talk about Video First

Creating videos that will set you apart from the other investors in your market place is really pretty easy. You don’t need a studio or a fancy camera.  All you need is your phone. Sellers love seeing real world examples of how things work.

I want you to think in terms of showcasing your expertise.  We’re not talking about selling anyone anything or pitching your services to buy their property. Make no mistake, you will do more deals as a result of your efforts, but that’s not the focus of content marketing.

This is a platform you create to set you apart as the undeniable expert in your field. What happens is that you're no longer just some guy or gal that just buys houses.  You are a real estate entrepreneur. You are different than all the rest.


So What Kind of Videos Can You Make?

There are almost an endless number of topics you can create a video on.

Before and after videos are one example.  This one is really easy if you are a rehabber.  But what if you’re a wholesaler?  It’s still easy. Get permission from the rehabber (your end buyer) to video the property in various stages of the rehab then put this on your website.  You can also do a before and after slide show with pictures as another type of content using this same property.

So, why would the rehabber let you do this?

Because you will let them have a copy of the videos to post on their site too.  They could say, “Coming soon.  Another quality property by —“.  Think about it for a minute. You’ve just made their job of marketing the property easier.

On your site, you could say, “We will make your neglected property beautiful again” then show some examples.  When someone sells a distressed property that has been in the family for a long time, they love seeing the property come to life again.  You’re not going to say you did the work. You’re only going to show what the property was before the work was done and what it has become as a result of a skilled rehabber.


Here Are Just a Few Ideas

People love “how to” videos. They can be on virtually any topic, and on any one of your investor sites.

If you are a landlord, you can do a series on:

  • How not to leave a rental property when you move out
  • Staging examples
  • What a top notch rental should look like
  • Inexpensive extras to add value to your rental
  • Tips for retaining excellent tenants
  • What is involved in a move in and move out inspections.

The list is practically endless when it comes to making simple videos.  All you need is your smart phone. Remember that you want to keep it simple.


How Podcasts Fit into a Content Marketing Plan

Most of you know I have a podcast called “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing”.  I have done over 100 podcasts at this time most of which were interviews with other experts in our field or a real estate related field. I love doing podcasts. I think they are pretty easy to do once you get habit of doing them. There is some upfront prep work, but all in all it’s not that hard.

One thing content marketers like about podcasts is that all you do is talk.  You don’t have to be a good writer or create in depth blog posts.  Think of podcast interviews simply as having conversations with other experts.  And, don’t worry about who will come on your podcast.  It’s as simple as just asking people if they would like to be a guest (and having them say yes).

Remember that people like to learn and consume content in different ways.  Some are readers, some like watching videos and others like to listen.  When you can provide a mix of all three, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot.


Building a National Brand

You might think building a national brand isn’t important, but it is. It gives you credibility locally when you have a national presence through your content marketing.


Adding Content to Your Website that YOU Don’t Have to Write

How good does this sound? OK. Let’s be honest. That sounds great!

When it comes to your websites you use for real estate investing, there is one solution that will take care of content creation and content marketing almost automatically and that’s Carrot.

Let me ask you this;  what if you could spend just 10 or 15 minutes a month and have articles written for you, posted automatically on your websites, for just the cost of a latte every day?

Sound good?   You know it does.  Most of you are a busy real estate investors that have no desire to write content.  If that sounds like you, you’re going to want to check out Carrot’s Content Pro Plan.


Carrot’s Content Pro-Plan.

With this plan, you will get up to 3 websites. You also get dozens of pre-written, keyword rich, content packages for content marketing that you can add to your lead generation website.  There is a calendar where you can schedule when you would like the content to be added to your site, and there are articles on virtually every real estate topic.

Do you need a “freebie” to give away on your site?  No problem. Carrot has done that for you too.

The thing I love most about this product is that they are done for you websites where you just add your name, business address and phone number.  In less than an hour, you can have a lead generation website set up and ready to go.  You can also have a steady stream of content scheduled to post to your website in minutes to build your brand awareness for you.

Don’t take my word for it.  Check out the demo at this link.

I use these very same websites in my business.


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How are you are using content marketing in your business?

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