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I was talking to someone the other day and this is what they said; “I’m in direct mail jail and I want out”!

I thought that was a funny way of putting it, but this person was dead serious. When I probed a little further, what they said was they felt like a slave to direct mail marketing and they wanted to develop some other solid strategies for getting deals that were just a lucrative but didn’t involve stamps.

Well, that’s just what we’re going to talk about today.  How to get out of direct mail jail, and exactly what the other top 2 strategies are that I recommend for building your real estate business and getting great deals.


Direct Mail Jail

I think if you talk to a room full of seasoned investors, they will tell you that direct mail is their top way of finding great deals. It is the only way to reach out to large groups of people that have off market properties.

But, it is a never ending process.  The only way to really get out of direct mail jail is to outsource it rather than kick it to the curb. Direct mail is so lucrative, you really want to keep doing it. Just don’t do it yourself.


Break Out of Direct Mail Jail with These 2 Strategies

Get a great lead generation website and get busy networking. These 2 things should be your big additions to your business going forward.  Like any marketing, you need a plan for it to work.


Your Lead Generation Website

I have had a lot of websites and now I have something that actually works. I love Carrot websites.

Why do I love them? That’s easy. Because they are easy to work with and I get leads.  Pretty simple isn’t it?

Here’s one thing you need to understand.

They aren’t magic.  You still have to put in a little work. Websites are kind of like houseplants.  You have to feed them.  Not every day, but on a pretty regular basis.  They need some attention to get traction. However … and this is the big thing to take away…. Carrot gives you plenty of help.

They have great tutorials if you’re not a techie.  Their tutorials are also easy to understand and follow.

Want to learn how to post Craig’s list ads? They have a program to teach you the right way to do it (and that’s included)

Want to get found in your local area when someone googles “sell my house fast in (your city)?  They will give you some tips and tools for doing that, or they will even do it for you.

Here is a screenshot of one of my Carrot sites.


REI websites


Content is King

Content is king when it comes to getting your site indexed.

I have the content pro plan (and you should too). Carrot cranks out new content every month that you just set up to be automatically added to your site at regular intervals.  The key word here is “automatically”.

You don’t have to write it, and you don’t have to go in there every few days to post it.  You can schedule your content months in advance.


You can easily add video of your latest ugly, dirty house on the site.  Or if you’re working on a fancy rehab, you can chronicle that process too.

It’s not enough to just “have” a website.  Take the time to learn how to do a few simple things that will drive traffic to your site.  If you have absolutely no interest in learning any of this, you can have them do all of those things for you.  How about that for easy?

Want to learn more about Carrot sites?  I did a blog post here that will give you all the details….


Networking Your Way to Success

Networking is probably one of the easiest yet most overlooked ways to build your authority and your business.Networking

What’s the big bonus? The most it’s going to cost you is a couple of bucks.  So how does this work?

If you’ve ever felt invisible to your ideal customer (AKA motivated sellers) it’s because you’re unknown.  You need to get out there and be seen. The more people that know what you do, the better it is for you. You can also refer those folks back to your website to establish even more authority with them.


Here Are Some Networking Tips

  • You can join a group
  • Go to a networking meeting and just check it out to see if it's a fit
  • Take a stranger to lunch.  (I’m not kidding about this one).  When was the last time you met someone new and really got to know them?

Where should you spend your time?

Well certainly at your local REIA. After all, that’s where some of your best contacts will be.  You will find sellers, buyers, private lenders, hard money lenders and more.

I also recommend that you join at least one other group that is not real estate related. It can be any networking group.  I always encourage women to join NAWBO, The National Association of Women Business Owners.  There are all kinds of group for men.  The important thing is just to pick at least one, attend on a regular basis and get to know people.

The benefits of joining these groups can be huge.  Sometimes you see results years later if you network regularly. Networking is huge for building your brand, for making your marketing work better and it’s just fun to meet other people in business.

If you want to learn more about networking, check out this podcast I did with my friend Mike Hambright on networking.  He’s great at it by the way.  You can listen to it here…..


So There You Have It

To Recap –

Here are my best tips for getting out of direct mail jail:

    1. Outsource your direct mail.  Get the day to day work off your plate
    2. Commit to spending an hour or two a week on your lead generation website.  That’s all it takes.  If you don’t have one, never admit that to me, just go get one here: Carrot
    3. Become a master at networking.  If you’re an introvert?  You need to get over that.  Attend an event with a small goal at first. Maybe your goal would be to meet 2 or 3 people.  Then rinse and repeat. I can promise you it will get easier in time.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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