Sterling White Podcast #74

My guest today is Sterling White from Indianapolis, Indiana and in this podcast we are going to talk about investing, crowdfunding and so much more. Sterling is a full time investor that got started in 2009. He purchased and sold more than 100 homes with his partner Jacob before founding Holdfolio.

Holdfolio is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in portfolios they own. Sterling is also a regular contributor for as well as active in giving back to local community.


Show Notes

I always enjoy talking with younger investors.  It’s an interesting process trying to uncover why they started a business when other people their age are still just out having fun.  Some of the things we talked about are:

  • How he got started
  • Sterling’s 1st deal
  • How he partnered up with someone and traded mentoring for a piece of the deal
  • How he chose his investing strategies
  • Things to know before deciding to partner with someone
  • Turnkey properties
  • His favorite marketing strategies
  • Tools, systems and automation
  • Founding Holdfolio
  • Looking into the future
  • Advice for “20 something” wanting to get started in real estate investing

Were you starting a business when you were in your 20’s?


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Contact Sterling

Investing, crowdfunding and more podcastThanks again to Sterling White for coming on the show. If you would like to reach out to Sterling you reach him on Facebook or at the email below.

Facebook  or

You can visit Holdfolio by CLICKING HERE.  


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