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Today’s show is all about investing in apartments. My guest is John Casmon the co-founder of Chicago based Casmon Capital Group.  John controls and actively manages over $2.5M in real estate holdings, including a commercial apartment community with his partner that also happens to be his wife.

He is also a blogger, a podcaster, a dad and just an all-around nice guy.

John started out in small multi-family properties and is currently working on a 192 unit apartment in San Antonio.  It’s a pretty safe bet to say that he has figured out how to make money investing apartments.

Listen in as he tells you how he got his start with what is now commonly called “house hacking”.

 Show Notes

Here is some of what we covered in the show:

  • John’s 1st investment; living in one half of a duplex.
  • Why he decided “house hacking” was a great path for him.
  • What does a typical deal look like for John?
  • Why Chicago is such a great place for investing in apartments.
  • What led John to choose investing in apartments over single family homes.
  • How to make money with apartments; looking for under performing properties (and what exactly that is).
  • What are “value adds” in multi-family properties?
  • Scaling your business so you can do larger deals.
  • How John finds partners to work with on larger deals and what their role is in his business.

If you are ready to branch out and give investing in apartments a try, this show is for you.


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About John

John Casmon Color IAAJohn Casmon is the co-founder of Casmon Capital Group, a Chicago-based real estate investment firm. He controls and actively manages over $2.5M in real estate holdings, including a commercial apartment community.

As a marketing executive, he held budget and campaign accountability for General Motors, MillerCoors, and SC Johnson and was named one of the “Top Executives in Advertising and Marketing” by Black Enterprise Magazine. He serves on the Surge for Water Advisory Board and is the co-founder of Claudia’s House, an adolescent respite care facility.

He has a podcast called “Target Market” and a blog that you can find at


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