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The question I get at this time of year is, should I continue marketing to motivated sellers during the holidays?

Yes!  You should keep marketing to motivated sellers during the holidays. This is how you keep your pipeline full of leads after the holidays.


There is One Exception….

There is only one group that I skip during Christmas and that's probates.

When it comes to probates, this first holiday without their loved one is tough in most cases. I stop marketing to this niche after the 1st week in December until the end of January.  I have found it to be a very stressful time for everyone involved and a complete waste of money on my part.

For everyone else, it’s business as usual.  The holidays can actually be a great time for marketing to motivated sellers when it comes to certain groups of people like these:

  • Out of state absentee owners
  • Banks that want to get the inventory off their books before the end of the year
  • Someone facing certain foreclosure that wants to sell before their credit is ruined
  • Tired landlords
  • Anyone with a house they need to sell that hasn’t sold

There are a lot of folks that simply want to end the year by leaving their problems behind.  When this problem includes real estate, it’s an opportunity for you. Ramp up your marketing to sellers during the holidays and you will see the benefits in those first few months of the year.

Remember: Marketing takes time.  For an article on marketing and some statistics on how many touches it takes to get a deal, Just CLICK HERE


But… Doesn’t Everyone Take Off Between Thanksgiving and the New Year?

No they don’t.  Successful investors their marketing campaigns going right through the holidays

I talked to someone just the other day about his plans to take off from Thanksgiving until the first of the year.  What a crazy idea. He thinks that business stops during that period which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most of us are out there hustling.

Do we try to pre-schedule some things so we can enjoy the holidays? Sure we do. If you plan wisely you can have the best of both worlds.  Your marketing continues and you get to take a little time off too.  It’s easy to schedule your mailings so that they go out exactly when you want them to.

For instance, you could schedule your direct mail to go out the 1st week in December.  Most of those folks will have called you in those first couple of weeks, giving you some free time around the actual holidays.  Remember that in order for your mailing to hit the mailbox the first few days in December, you need to schedule it 7 to 10 days in advance.

Here’s the Secret; Your Marketing Plan makes this Possible

You know I believe in having a written marketing plan.  The benefit of having a well-defined (and implemented) marketing plan, is that it helps automate all of your marketing activities so that they are pretty much on autopilot.

If you don’t have one now, you need one!

Make this one change now. Get your marketing plan done before the holidays, and you will be ready to hit the ground running on January 1st of next year.

For those of you that have well defined (written) marketing plan, now is the time to do a “look back”.

You want to see what is working, what isn’t, and what you need to change. Marketing is always evolving for real estate investors.  It’s different today than it was a couple of years ago, and it will be different 2 years from now.  You need to stay ahead of the curve which will put you ahead of your competition.

Get your “Quick Start Marketing Plan” Today- Sharon Vornholt

Two Ways to beat out the Competition in the Last 2 Months of the Year

  1. Have a well-defined marketing plan that you implement consistently
  2. Keep your marketing campaigns going throughout the last 2 months of the year


Need Help?

If you need help crafting your own marketing plan, I have something just for you.

It’s called, “Quick Start Marketing Plan; 60 Minutes to Success”.

This is a 60 minute, 1 on 1 consultation, where we put together a personalized marketing plan just for your business.  I have opened up a limited number of slots over the next few weeks for folks that are interested. If you want to get marketing plan done to be ready for the new year, don’t delay. Grab your spot today.


Want More Info?

Check it out here at:  Quick Start Marketing Plan.

Whatever you do, don’t start the New Year without a marketing plan.  Your business and your success depend on it. And… be sure to continue marketing to motivated sellers during the holidays.



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