Outsourcing has become such a vital part of our businesses these days. We are all taking on more and more projects, striving to grow our businesses and our brand using so many different avenues. Just a few short years ago social media wasn’t even being used by folks in this way.

Most people will tell you that they had a website, and that was pretty much it. I hardly know anyone that has just one site now. We have affiliate sites, fan pages, Facebook accounts, LinkedIn Accounts and the list just goes on and on.

We all know how important it is to get our information out regularly to search engines and other sites. It is cumbersome manually “ping” everything out, and few people can actually manage to do this on a regular schedule

I came across a service that I am now using called “Pingler”.  This is a paid service that costs a whole “$2.99 per month” to automatically ping out up to 29 of your websites every 3 days.  It will also notify the search engines and build backlinks in places like “Ask.com”. Plus, if you have a lot of niche sites and need to upgrade, it is very affordable.

You just set it and forget it. Every 3 days it will ping your sites out just like magic. What could be easier?


Is there an affiliate program?

Yes there is! You can check out Pingler for yourself here.



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