Today’s show is about how 1 newbies closes 8 deals in 8 months. My guest is someone from right here in my hometown of Louisville, KY, Marina Sud. Marina has been a full time investor since August of 2014, and she has already closed 8 deals. One of those deals had a really big payday, but I’m going to let her tell you about that.

Marina has been a student of mine since since since last September, and I couldn't be prouder of her!

If you are brand new and you are struggling to get your business off the ground, this podcast will definitely give you a healthy dose of inspiration.  Marina is living proof that you can be a “real estate newbie” and start closing deals right away.


Show Notes

  •  How her former career as a psychologist helps her connect with sellers
  • Deciding to get her real estate license
  • Why she decided to move over to the investing side of real estate
  • Why investing was harder than she thought as a real estate newbie
  • The decision to become a full time real estate investor
  • Marina’s current focus in real estate
  • Building a team; why it has been critical to her success
  • Marketing; how she finds her deals
  • The huge part her real estate education has paid in her success
  • It’s time to talk about her deals
  • Not assuming someone claiming to be a cash buyer can really close the deal
  • Mistakes and things she wishes she had done differently
  • Her big goals for the future
  • Advice for other folks just starting out


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Abofrom Newbie to 8 deals in 8 Months Marina Susut Marina

Marina has been a full time real estate investor in Louisville, KY since August of 2014.  Her family immigrated from Russia when she was a child. Marina and her sister Natasha have now teamed up to create her investing company called “Sisters Who Buy Houses”, and they are closing deals regularly.

You can connect with Marina by leaving a comment here on the blog or on her site  You can also reach Marina by email at


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