Getting more offers acceptedIn today's show we are going to talk about strategies for getting more offers accepted in your real estate investing business. My guest today is Boston investor, Tom Caferella. Tom started out like so many of us by doing something different.  He was a CPA in his former life.

Tom's company, Ocean City Development is not only an investment company, but he has a brokerage with 200 agents. His team has acquired over 500 properties in 5 years. They have developed a process for getting more offers accepted that works well for them, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

Show Notes

  • Getting out of the “rat race” in an unexpected way
  • Managing the broker/investor relationship
  • How he ended up having a brokerage (that was not in the plan)
  • Managing 3 distinct businesses; buy and hold, fix and flip, and the brokerage
  • Why he thinks his business model is one every investor should adopt
  • Creating a brokerage model to pay for marketing
  • Getting more offers accepted; Tom's process
  • Showing up as a problem solver
  • Tom's process and his formula for making offers
  • Categorizing properties
  • Making offers with the spot
  • Using “3 line dialer's” to generate leads


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About Tom

Tom Cafarella 1


Tom Caferella always dreamed of following in his  grandfather’s footsteps (a very successful landlord) and become a successful real estate mogul.  Instead, he followed everyone’s advice and took on a traditional 9-to-5 job as an accountant. The problem: his heart was in real estate investing. It didn’t take long to get fired from his job due to his daydreaming about his passion.

Instead of staying knocked down, Tom co-founded Ocean City Development, a real estate investment company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Tom’s team has acquired over 500 properties over the past 5 years to flip, wholesale, and buy and hold. Tom is also co-owner of Cameron Real Estate Group, a real estate brokerage of over 200 agents that focuses on finding investment deals for Tom to buy.

Be sure to check out Tom's podcast, The Real Estate Mogul.


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