Marketing = Leads = $$$

Building a successful wholesaling business takes time and effort. But there are definitely some tried and true tips you can follow to get those leads in the door to find those “smokin' hot deals” and to build your buyers list.

One of the scariest things all new wholesalers face is “what am I going to do if I can't sell this house I have under contract”?

Steph Davis that sassy diva and very successful Tampa wholesaler from “Flip this Wholesaler”, asked me recently if I would make a short video for her Rock Stars of Real Estate Series. I was honored to be asked and happy to share a little bit about how I have built my business, and what I do to keep the leads coming in the door. Let's face it; without leads you are effectively out of business.

Check out this short video and I'll give you some tips on how I manage to get those deals in the door. You can find it here at Rock Stars of Real Estate.

And while you're there, be sure to spend some time checking out Steph's site “Flip this“. Get some tips on how you can go from rags to riches!

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