is the third podcast in my series on entrepreneurship and I have Trevor Mauch back with me today.

Trevor is a serial entrepreneur who has built several million dollar businesses and is the founder of Investor Carrot.  Today we are going to talk about the big goal trap.

Sometimes your goals can really weigh you down.  Instead of motivating you, they are demotivating.

So how do get out of this trap?  How do you take those big hairy goals and break them down into achievable steps?  That’s what we are going to tackle today.

Here’s the problem with high achievers;  they  often get demoralized when they don’t achieve their goals on their self-imposed time tables.  What happens next is they get stuck in  “the gap”.   As entrepreneurs, we tend to always be chasing that big goal far off in the horizon.  We never seem to “arrive”.

So how do you solve this problem?  Listen in as Trevor talks about “island hopping your way to success”.

Show Notes

  •  Why big goals can seem overwhelming
  • The reason you need to have your goals where you can see them every day but also have a plan to get you there
  • Attaching timelines to your goals;  is this good or bad?
  • The importance of doing regular progress  “check ins” with yourself
  • Breaking it down; the 12 week mindset
  • Case study; how to achieve your annual goals by working backwards
  • Determining how many leads you need to  achieve your financial goals
  • How committing to regular “baby steps” will allow you to meet your goals without being in a constant state of overwhelm


Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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