Vincent Polisi-Virtual Investing- Podcast I am really happy to have this particular interview for you today on virtual real estate investing.  I believe this is one of the best interviews I have done –ever.

This podcast will open your eyes to a whole new way of investing in real estate.  One that doesn’t involve junkers (you only work with pretty houses), there are no rehabs, you don’t have any marketing costs and you are a very well paid transaction manager. Most people just don’t understand virtual real estate investing, and there are some types of virtual investing like rehabbing houses in other cities that are in my opinion really hard business models. No matter how hard some folks try to make this look easy, it just isn’t.

When I learned about Vincent’s business model, I was really excited to share this information with you.  I also want everyone to understand that you truly can “rise from the ashes” after devastating loss.  It’s all about making lemonade out of lemons.  Vincent is living proof of this, and he willingly and openly shares his story.

There are a lot of people that had a similar experience, but what really sets him apart from most other investors is that he found the silver lining in the market mess of 2007-2008 and built a business from that same mess. Most folks earning the equivalent of a wholesale fee whether you are actually wholesaling, doing lease options or seller financing have completely overlooked this particular strategy. Are you interested in learning exactly how you too can build a business like this?  I’m betting you are so here we go. **There is a little bit of unwanted background sound in the very beginning, but it doesn't last long.

Show Notes

This is a really information packed interview.  Here are some of the things we cover: Part 1 of the interview

  • What happened when the facet got turned off in Vincent’s business
  • Drastic times called for drastic measures
  • How someone on top of the world loses everything then turns things around
  • How Vincent’s background in finance and mortgage banking helped him tremendously
  • Getting to be an expert in Craig’s list through his own personal situation
  • Making lemonade out of lemons
  • How the “market mess” helped him build his new business; the power of really knowing your market and how to turn the “mess” into opportunity
  • Moving into massive inventory mode through lease options using Craig’s List
  • How hating where your life is today, can help you grow a business fast
  • Helping others while building a scalable business when you have no money
  • The many ways to use Craig’s list for finding buyers and sellers
  • Why you only need a computer and internet connection to make money
  • Attracting buyers without spending a dime
  • How you can build a business with “The 10 Minute Task” when you have no money to spend on marketing
  • Why thinking outside the box is vital to your success


Part 2 of the Interview

In the simplest terms, “Vincent puts a seller with a nice house they can’t sell together with someone that can’t buy through traditional means at this time”.

  •  The power or learning to say “How can I” instead of “I can’t”
  • Working from anywhere; how you build a business that allows you that freedom
  • Why his buyers are responsible for the “due diligence” on a property
  • How Vincent has built a business with “pretty houses”
  • Why he isn’t really concerned with the price the seller is asking; thinking outside of the box in a big way. I guarantee you this will change the way you think about doing these types of deals
  • Dealing with a house that won’t appraise when the end buyer gets ready to refinance
  • How Vincent gets paid in the deal
  • Finding the right sellers; why his business model is so good for them
  • Why being respectful of people experiencing hard times and the situation they find themselves in has helped him succeed
  • Educating buyers on creating multiple streams of income so they won’t find themselves in this position again
  • Why folks that have experienced really tough times become some of the best buyers; the psychology behind this and why Vincent welcomes these folks


Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

Book: Blue Ocean Strategy by Renee' Maubourgne and W. Chan Kim The 4 Hour Workweek  by Tim Ferris

You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

Part 1. 

[podcast title=”Virtual Real Estate Investing with Vincent Polisi”][/podcast]


Part 2.

[podcast title=”Virtual Real Estate Investing with Vincent Polisi – Part 2″][/podcast]

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About Vincent

Virtual Real Estate Investingm - VIncent PolisiVincent Polisi is the President of The Virtual Real Estate Investor Association, Inc. In this episode, you'll hear how he setup his business to do real estate investment deals virtually using nothing but a computer and Internet connection. In his private Facebook Group and on his website, Vincent teaches others How To Invest In Real Estate Nationwide and Make Six Figures With No Money, No Credit, No Cost and Nothing But A Computer and Internet Connection You can connect with Vincent at: The Virtual Real Estate Investor Association, Inc. and join his Vincent's private Facebook Group or on his social media profiles at: Vincent on Facebook Vincent on Twitter Vincent on Google+ Vincent on LinkedIn


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