apps and tools     Have you ever stopped to think about that time in our lives before apps and online tools? How did we get along without all of these short cuts and time savers, and why is it that in spite of all of these tools we seem to be busier than ever?  That’s the million dollar question. Super productive real estate investors are always looking for another tool to put in their toolbox, and today I have some 4 awesome apps and tools that you should be using in your business.


Copy app


I have recently started using a cloud based storage site called Copy.  I really love the way this is set up.  Once you install the app on your computer, it creates a folder on your computer named “copy” that is always synced to the cloud. After that, any folder or file that you move into your “Copy folder” on your computer gets automatically synced to the cloud. You can back up files and you can sync files between your smartphone and your computers at home and work. This is extremely useful when working with virtual assistants or as part of a team in your office. You no longer have to email files as an attachment and everyone always has the updated version of any document. I have used Dropbox for some time now and for the most part I like it. Dropbox has millions of users.  So how can a new service like Copy compete? They can compete by giving away a lot of free storage for new signups. They are giving away 15 GB of free storage versus 2 GB that you get with Dropbox.  And if you go through a referrer’s link, both you and the referrer get an extra 5 GB of storage if they complete the sign up process. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.


Dragon Dictation app

 Dragon Dictation   

This is an app that I just put on my phone, and I have to say I am pretty happy with it. This app is fast and it’s free so that is a definite plus.  You can also set this up so that all of your dictation is sent directly to your email. So how can you use Dragon Dictation?   Here are just a few ways:

 -You can copy notes to the clipboard

-Send an email

-Post updates to Facebook and twitter (although I haven’t tried this yet)

-Walk through a house and record what you see

-Record that brilliant idea you just got but are afraid you will forget before you get back to the office

-Send yourself any kind of note or reminder

-Dragon Dictation sends texts 5 times faster than typing them

This is a great free app that you should definitely put on your smartphone.



JotNot app

 JotNot Scanner

I just got this app and I already love it!  There is a free version and a paid version.   The basic JotNotScanner is free.  JotNot Scanner Pro has a one-time fee of $2.99, but it allows you to scan multi-page documents whereas the free version only allows you to scan one page at a time.  Most people probably won’t need the Pro version. This app uses your phone’s camera to capture and “scan” documents. It then converts them into a PDF. JotNot is also great for scanning receipts, whiteboards and handwritten notes.  In fact, you can scan anything you can take a picture of so they are available to read, to print and to share these with others. Evernote users will be glad to know that JotNot integrates directly with Evernote.



Alarmed appAlarmed

Once again, this is a free app for your phone however there is a paid version of this one too that has additional features.  Unfortunately this one is only for iPhone users. Alarmed can best be described as a productivity tool. I am always setting timers; little reminders of something that is “coming later”.  The problem with using the timer on my iPhone is that I can only set one reminder at a time.   With Alarmed you no longer have to remember these things; it does all the remembering for you.  This is a reminder and timer app all in one. Here are just a few of the features:

-It has pop-up reminders with repeat scheduling and a “snooze feature”

-Pop-up timers with custom messages and countdown

-You can use Siri to create reminders and import those reminders into alarmed

-There are over 80 custom sounds included

-It has a “Nag-Me feature that continues to repeat until acknowledged.  Don’t you just love that one!

There you have it.  4 apps and tools for super productive real estate investors to make your life a little easier.

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