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I'm happy to have brand photographer Natalie Jennings back on the show for a second time. Today, Natalie is going to give you her top five tips for a successful branding photo shoot. Branding plays such an important role when it comes to marketing and to the overall awareness of your business, I feel like this is one show you’re not going to want to miss. 


In the Last Show…

Last time we talked about the broad overview of brand photography. This time we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into this topic and talk about why personal branding is so important, then she’s doing to give you her 5 top tips to follow when you have your own successful branding photoshoot.

The importance of branding really started to emerge in the last couple of years. Social media has played a big role in people's personal brands, so it’s important for us to make sure we pay attention to our brands and our overall online presence.


Show Notes

Here are the 5 tips we will go over today for a successful branding photoshoot:

  • Know your ideal client
  • Brand consistency and how to achieve this
  • Crafting your story; what is the story you want to tell?
  • How you going to use your photos determines the type of photos you need
  • Be yourself

Here's Your Video – 5 Tips for a Successful Branding Photoshoot with Natalie Jennings

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Be sure to stop by Natalie’s site and get your very own Personal Branding Guide. It has some great tips and examples.  You can get that here at: Personal Branding Guide


About Natalie

Natalie jenningsphoto 1In 2009, after earning a graduate degree in education, Natalie decided something else was pulling her. She quit her teaching job and started Jennings Photo. Since 2009, she’s taken her 4-figure starter biz to a six-figure brand, and keeps aiming higher.

Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Sun Country Airlines, The Guardian, and brought her around the globe including Australia, Palestine, Guatemala, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Scotland, Israel and Hawaii.

Jennings Photo focuses primarily on creative, candid portraiture for professionals wanting to build their brand. “We capture the world you live and work in, tell important stories, and educate creatives through courses, photography, and podcasting in order to foster a conscious, creative community for the good of all.”

Reach out to Natalie

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